Student Support Centre

Caring through Conversations


Objectives of the Student Support Centre: –

  • To offer practical and constructive support to students in adjusting to a new environment as well as social or personal challenges that are specific to their age group and circumstances.
  • To spread awareness about ways to cope with academic pressures that often lead to mental health difficulties, and to assist students with the academic concerns that emerge from dealing with any short or long-term health condition.
  • To treat mental and physical disabilities as not merely a pathological problem but as a more complex situation that requires the care of specialists who offer constant support through long periods of treatment and recovery.
  • To help combat the general social taboos associated with anxieties and depression on campus, and to foster a positive outlook among students.
  • To establish the University campus as a student-friendly safe space that is sensitive to physical and mental disabilities.

For medical emergency, please call – 0820 2923154/ 22246
For Ambulance services, call – 0820 2922761
Call us during office hours – 0820-2922430
Student Support Centre is open from 9 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday, except for national holidays, third Saturday of each month, and any other holidays declared by MAHE

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